Welcome to Dr. Raphael Rose and Associates.

We specialize in: Anxiety, Mood, Stress, and Related Problems.

We offer Peak Performance and Resilience Training for public speaking and presentations, acting and other performance situations, and athletic competition.

We provide services for: Adults, Adolescents, Children, Couples and Groups.

We utilize evidence-based psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness based approaches. These approaches can yield long-term results often after only a short time in therapy.

Dr. Raphael Rose & Associates

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Dr. Rose is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and UCLA Associate Clinical Professor

We are looking to begin a new social anxiety group. Our groups meet weekly for 12 weeks and typically are run on Monday or Wednesday evenings from 5 to 6:30 PM.

They follow a CBT format and have been shown to be highly effective.

If you are interested please contact us for more information.

Consulting Services

Dr. Rose is now offering corporate consulting services. We offer a range of services designed to help employees optimize performance and satisfaction.

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NASA has awarded a three-year grant to Dr. Rose, whose work involves developing and evaluating innovative uses of technology to help address common behavioral health problems such as stress, anxiety, and sleep.

Previously, Dr. Rose was the principal investigator on a NASA-funded project to develop and evaluate an autonomous multimedia stress management and resilience-training program. SMART-OP (Stress Management and Resilience Training for Optimal Performance) helped users significantly reduce stress and increase control over stress in their lives. Dr. Rose incorporates the same stress management and resilience skills and strategies with his clients.

UCLA Newsroom | NASA Release | SMART-OP | Publication

Athletes and performers of all abilities and levels can improve their performance through resilience training (mental and behavioral skills training).

We apply research-based methods to help athletes and performers build resilience, improve motivation to train and practice, sharpen focus during competition/performance, and peak for the big event.
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This is the perfect time to increase your resilience.

Epidemics. Beheadings. Climate change. If a person were inclined to worry, there are more than enough world events to whip us into a fearful frenzy. What if you’re in the midst of a big life change too? Uncertainty can add stress, making even the calmest people feel anxious.

Still, it turns out we humans aren’t any more afraid than we used to be, says Raphael Rose, Ph.D., associate director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Center at the University of California/Los Angeles, nor are we more anxious at midlife than when we’re young adults.

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